Typesetting Exercises — Mobile & Print

The following are a number of smaller exercises to practice setting type on screen as well as print.


user interface animation

A project to develop skills animating user interactions with a news app. This project focused on creating smooth transitions between screens and using motion design to help unify a brands visual language.

Content and assets for the app was provided, not designed by myself.


Class information sheets

Showing the same information in 5 different styles — in this case a potential class schedule for a design student. Focus on typesetting and information hierarchy.


Pyeongchang winter olympics

Advertising a sport (Ice Hockey) from the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. Showing the same set of information in multiple styles. Each page has a different set of typographic restrictions.

1. One typeface, one size, no color.
2. One typeface, varying size, no color.
3. Two typefaces, varying size, no color.
4. One typeface, varying size, color.