Center Stage Gala

The Center Stage Gala is a night of performance and visual art put on by Meany Center at the University of Washington to raise money for the organization.

This years theme: Carnival in Venice!

To learn more about the Center Stage event, click here.


Project: Designing material for the Center Stage Gala fundraiser (ongoing).

Timeframe: October 2018–March 2019

The Team: Rob Noland (Meany Center Graphic Designer), Daniel Neifert (Graphic Design Intern)

Save the date-01.jpg

Save the Date

The Save the Date for Centerstage features an illustrated world of Venice! We chose to highlight some of the many aspects that make Venice iconic — the costumed figures, beautiful architecture, sprawling bridges and canals, and the gondolas & gondoliers are all present.


This project is currently in progress and this page will be updated as more pieces are completed.

Pieces on the way include signage, posters, envelopes, auction booklet, auction paddles, program lineup, dinner menu, web banners, and table centerpieces.

In the meantime, contact me here to learn more about the project.