Capitol Hill Block
Party Icon Set

Capitol Hill Block Party (CHBP) is an annual 3-day music festival in Seattle’s most colorful neighborhood, hosting Top-40 headliners performing alongside smaller artists. CHBP also does a great job of featuring local artists on the come up!


Project: To research and develop a symbol set for a specific event — in this case, the Capitol Hill Block Party.

Timeframe: 5 Weeks

Instructor: Karen Cheng

The Team: Daniel Neifert & Eli Kahn

Role: Development of 6 icons, poster design

Poster Headshot.jpg

This project was an exploration of creating a festival identity, while staying true to the feeling of CHBP by designing icons to be used as festival wayfinding. With intent for a set of icons that felt both playful and bold, the use of a blocky isometric illustration style became the cornerstone of the design. 


Poster Iterations

We wanted to capture the playfulness of the festival in our poster, so we used a modular grid layout that allowed us to showcase our icons in a fun, blocky way.

Scroll though a bit of our process below!



The six icons I developed: merch sales, the lineup, information booth, first aid, festival radio, and ticket sales.


Black and White

To ensure that our icon set would be effective anywhere, we included a black and white version that stands out even when color is not an option.