Capitol Hill Block Party Icon Set

Capitol Hill Block Party is an annual 3-day music festival in Seattle's most colorful neighborhood, hosting Top-40 headliners performing alongside local acts.
With the intent for a set of icons that felt both playful and bold, the use of a blocky isometric illustration style became the cornerstone of the design. We wanted to capture a sense of playfulness in our poster, and decided to showcase our icons in a modular grid of blocks.

Problem Space
Capitol Hill Block Party was in need of a consistent system of wayfinding icons.
They needed to feel relevant to the atmosphere of the festival, and remain in-line with the current system of branding. The festival is crowded, energetic, and loud — we wanted our icons to reflect this.

We created a set of 12 icons created for use as festival wayfinding and. They are illustrative enough to be utilized on merchandise, and are honest in reflecting the flavor of Capitol Hill Block Party. We drew from CHBP’s current use of color and illustration style when making design decisions about our icons and poster, in order to align them both with the festival’s existing identity. Our icons stand out because they take up real space — they have weight and character.


Project: Research and develop a symbol set for a specific event —
in this case, the Capitol Hill Block Party.

Timeframe: 5 Weeks

Instructor: Karen Cheng

The Team: Daniel Neifert & Eli Kahn

Role: Development of 6 icons, poster design

Beer Tote.jpg
Poster Mockup.jpg